About - Ng Zheng Qin

Zheng Qin is an enthusiast photographer and student living in Singapore. He started experimenting with creating photographs in 2013 and has been avidly pursuing the hobby, particularly in events, cityscape and architecture photography.

He was the official photographer of River Valley Photography Club, which gave him numerous opportunities to practice his craft in event photography. He enjoys the face paced environment in event photography, having to constantly come up with interesting angles, as well as capturing important moments that would otherwise be forgotten.

Besides event photography, he shoots cityscapes and architecture in his free time. He enjoys both the technical and creative aspects of cityscape and architecture photography, as well as how he can take his time and enjoy the beautiful scenery, which greatly contrasts event photography.

Zheng Qin aims to show his perspective through his photographs and bring viewers his ideal visualisations of Singapore.

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